Pumpkin Amaretti Pasta Sauce

Pumpkin Amaretti Pasta Sauce

Luca Ciano

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Chef Luca Ciano hails from Milan and has enjoyed a decorated career in food and gastronomy. He now calls Australia home and in 2015, released his own signature product range which includes hand-crafted pasta sauces, jams and dressings.

This unique combination is Chef Luca Ciano’s take on the famous Italian Pumpkin ravioli. The filling is turned into a flavoursome pasta sauce combo. The sweetness of the pumpkin matches perfectly with the subtle, nutty flavour of the Amaretti. Italian Grana Padano cheese is then added.

Created and developed to suit any pasta dish, especially for vegetarian creations, can also to be used for risotto by simply adding the sauce mid-way through the rice cooking process.

100% Natural * Preservative Free * Vegan * No Added Sugar * Gluten Free