Creamy Tomato & Smoked Paprika Pasta Sauce

Creamy Tomato & Smoked Paprika Pasta Sauce

Luca Ciano

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Chef Luca Ciano hails from Milan and has enjoyed a decorated career in food and gastronomy. He now calls Australia home and in 2015, released his own signature product range which includes hand-crafted pasta sauces, jams and dressings.

A very tasty and well-balanced flavour combination of tomatoes, fresh cream and smoked paprika. This simple, unique recipe is Chef Luca’s more sophisticated approach to his Mum’s classic ‘sugo al pomodoro e panna’ which translate into 'sauce with tomato and cream'.

The smoke paprika elevates the flavour profile from simple, to a more sophisticated and unique flavour profile, creating an ‘all rounder’. Perfect for any pasta dish and also with seafood and meat dishes

100% Natural * Preservative Free * Vegan * No Added Sugar * Gluten Free