Pairing flavoured olive oils with food

At Hunter Valley Olive Co. we have a range of flavoured olive oils and vinegars as well as gourmet food products which each serve a different purpose in the kitchen. We’ve created a guide to choosing the perfect product to drizzle over your favourite dish.

  •       Premium Extra Virgin olive oil - Everyday use, salads, pizza, pasta
  •       Chilli & Spice - Pasta, prawn, chorizo
  •       Lime & Ginger - Stir fry – chicken
  •       Lemon & Pepper - Fish, sweet potato fries
  •       Garlic & Herb - Lamb, baked vegetables
  •       Caramelised Balsamic- Warm beef salad
  •       Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar - Sourdough, smoked salmon, poached eggs
  •       Red Wine Vinegar – Vinaigrette or marinade
  •       Kalamata olives - Greek salad
  •       Manzanillo olives - Antipasto
  •       Dukkah – Crumbed chicken, sweet potato mash              
  •       Black Olive Tapenade – Avocado, cheese toasty

We recommend experimenting with different flavours and foods to create your own combinations too.