About Us

Farmgate Friday Homestead Logo

Farmgate Friday is the home of noteworthy artisanal Australian producers.

Originating with the same committed team that founded and runs Hunter Valley Olive Co. since 2006, Farmgate Friday has been created to celebrate farmers and producers by connecting them with Australian families, all for the love of quality.

With over 40 years spent living a lifestyle dedicated to primary production, our experience has rewarded us with the chance to build a relationship with the Australian families we serve. We’ve come to understand their desire for premium, quality produce, at an affordable price. We’ve also come to appreciate how much Australian families want to support authentic farmers and producers, like they would have in times past, by trading directly. 

With a growing need for convenience, and no need to compromise on quality or community, we’ve set out to partner with authentic producers who operate and produce to the same high standard that we hold ourselves. Their efforts have been enjoyed and championed within their local communities, and our role is it to support them by introducing them to the wider Australian marketplace.

On behalf of the Farmgate Friday team, I'd like to thank you for your wholehearted support. Be sure to enjoy the fine fare we have on offer with gusto!